Petrarca Anne Erdrant III
Petrarca an Erdant 1
Kanji ペトラルカ・アン・エルダント三世
Romaji Petoraruka An Erudanto san-sei
Personal Information
Age 16
Gender Female
First Appearance
Novel Debut Volume 1 Chapter 2
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Mai Fuchigami (Japanese)
Kira Vincent-Davis(English)

Petralka Anne Erdant 3rd (ペトラルカ・アン・エルダント三世?)

Is the empress of the Holy Empire of Erdant.

Petralka is a petite 16 year old, with youthful or childlike female appearance and personality to match. She hates being called a "Young Girl", and even punched Shinichi for calling her one at their first meeting. Petralka is insecure about her chest has shown jealously of other girls that have larger cup sizes. She is one of the first in the Holy Empire of Erdant to master the Japanese language.

From the start Petralka has shown an interest in Otaku Culture, but didn't have a full understanding of it. As a result, she would visit Shinichi to read manga together.

When Myucel started learning Japanese and kanji, Petralka began to learning it herself. Not wanting to be outdone by a nonhuman and someone of a lower class. She learned the language fairly quickly, and is capable of having conversations in Japanese without the magic ring.


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