Myucel Foalan
Myusel Foalan
Kanji ミュセル・フォアラン
Romaji Myuseru Foaran
Personal Information
Age 16
Gender Female
First Appearance
Novel Debut Volume 1 Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Suzuko Mimori (Japanese)
Juliet Simmons (English)

Myucel Foalan (ミュセル・フォアラン?) Is the 16 year old maid assigned to Shinichi on arrival to the Holy Empire of Erdant.

Since she is a half-elf, she is disdained by both elves and humans. For that reason, Myucel often hides her elf ears. However, she started showing them whilst in the mansion when Shinichi, found out about her heritage and praised Myucel for it instead of ridiculing her.

Due to some complicated family problems, Myucel hasn't seen her mother in a very long time, but has not harbored any dislikes for her.

Myucel often thinks of herself as a lowly servant. Often talking down about her self. However Shinichi did not see Myucel for her class and often treated her as an equal.

Myucel use to be a soldier for the Erdant military. A requirement for nonhumans, serving a 2 year term in service. She is able to cast a few magic spells and was praised before for her magical ability during that period, due to her elven heritage.

She was one of the first people in the Holy Empire of Erdant to master the Japanese Language. At first using the handwritten Hiragana Table that Shinichi gave her and studying alone. However, since Shinichi started to help Myucel with her studies, she has started learning the language and writing a lot faster.

When Petrarca started to studying the Japanese language, she often challenged Myucel in competitions on who can learn the language faster.

Myucel is working as a Japanese lecturer at the school provided by Amutech to spread Otaku culture. It is noted that even though she can fluently speak the language of the Holy Empire of Erdant, she is considered illiterate.

At first, she was hated by Petrarca due to their differences in social status. But due to the coup d'etat incident, when she protected Petrarca at the risk of her own life, she started to treat her as an equal.


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