Kanou Shinichi
Kanji 加納 慎一(かのう しんいち)
Romaji Kanou Shinichi
Personal Information
Age 19
Gender Male
First Appearance
Novel Debut Volume 1 Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Natsuki Hanae (Japanese)
Tyler Galindo (English)
Kanou Shinichi (加納 慎一(かのう しんいち)?)

Is the main protagonist of the series.

At the start of the series, Shinichi was given the position of general manager for [General Entertainment Company Amu Tech]. He was unwittingly sent to the "Holy Empire of Erdant", a fantasy-like world where otaku culture is absent. His job given by the Japanese government is to spread the "Otaku" culture so that Japan can enter its economy. By learning more about this new world, it's possible to find a good solution.

Long ago, Shinichi confessed to his childhood friend, but was rejected immediately after for being an otaku. After failing to confess to his childhood friend, he turned into a Hikikomori, dropping out of school. This lifestyle was kept for a year, but after his parents' patience hit the limit, he was forced to return to school. He was told to find a job, forcing him to to leave his Hikikomori life.

He comes from a familiy of four: a light novel author for a father, an eroge illustrator as his mother and a little sister called Shizuki, that is way better than her brother.

Being very familiar and knowledgeable on Otaku culture, he cannot stand people who discriminate Otaku culture, which results in him clashing with the hierarchal culture of Erdant. While generally accepting of most character archetypes, he cannot get used to the "Imouto Chara", partly due to his real life experience.


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