Thou Art Invaders
Episode 3
Kanji 汝の名は侵略者
Rōmaji Nanji no Na wa Shinryakusha
FUNimation Title Thou Art Invaders
Date Released October 17, 2013
Episode 3
Opening Song Univer Page
Ending Song Watashi no Hōsekibako
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Thou Art Invaders (汝の名は侵略者, Nanji no Na wa Shinryakusha) is the third episode of the Outbreak Company anime. It aired on October 17, 2013.



It is about one month after Shinichi arrived in Eldant, and the construction of the power plant and school are nearing completion.

Petralka arrives, showing her progress in learning Japanese, including use of a tongue twister. As usual, Shinichi is currently teaching lessons at the manor, about 20 noble children and Petralka in the room. Myucel also begins to demonstrate her proficiency by engaging in a short conversation.

20 days later, the school is complete. Petralka arrives, announcing that she completed the second Kanji drill book. When she things Myucel is seducing Shinichi and tries to send her away, Alessio arrives to kidnap the main group of four.

The patriotic knights are an anti-imperialist group with no political or monetary power, yet have a flame orb that can destroy the school. After a quick interrogation, they attempt to execute Shinichi, only to be told that he would become a martyr. When Shinichi is pushed aside, he is able to dislodge a weapon hidden in Minori's breasts with his face.

At seven o'clock, Shinichi arranges for a distraction - an alarm for Madoka-tan that triggers at 7. When he asks to go to the bathroom and is taken out into the hall, the alarm begins to play, distracting the other guards that were guarding the hostages.

The remaining guard is in the room is quickly dispatched, and both Minori and Shinichi dispatch the guards in the hall. When Alessio attempts to ignite his magic weapon, it is quickly extinguished. His last attempt at terror was throwing a knife at Petralka, only for Myucel to step in the way.





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