I-I'd better watch it... , Episode 2
Classification Anime Episode
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Author Ichiro Sasaki
Artwork Yūgen
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Short summaryEdit

After the "young girl" incident at the end of the previous chapter, Jinzaburo Matoba explains that people in Japan do not become full adults until the age of 20, and the exclamation was of beauty rather than an insult. During the visit with Petrarca, she eventually gives Kanou her blessing to start distributing his culture.

On return to the manor, Kanou is given instructions on what to do - research likely candidates for spreading Otaku culture. During this discussion, it is explained that the translation rings do not operate in relation to DVDs or CDs because they operate via a telepathic link rather than translating images or recordings.

A library is created in the manor, containing the Japanese manga. Bluk and Myucel were the first to see it, and instructed to take a look. Petrarca also takes a visit, as well.

Shinichi learns a bit more about the world. He is mostly shocked by the social rank system, where servants are normally beaten by superiors, the large amount of illiteracy (80% of the population), and where child humanoids were joining the army (as a means to citizenship and the fastest job.)

At the end, Patricia was in the library with Shinichi, reading a story based on Attack on Titan. When Myucel arrives to bring tea and snacks, Patricia becomes angry at the half-elf, with Shinichi intervening to stop physical violence. He explains that the "otaku culture" doesn't have a social rank system, and that Patricia will need to learn about Japan and the foreign social behavior in order to properly enjoy otaku products.

Patricia leaves, saying that she will learn Japanese, claiming that it will help her decision on whether to allow Japan's operations to continue.

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